Location and Office Hours

Law Enforcement Center
555 Overlook Dr.

PO Box 9
Ellsworth, WI 54011

General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm
(Closed Holidays)

Dispatch Phone: 715.273.5051
Jail Phone: 715.273.1124
Tip Line : 715-273-3757
Administration Fax:
Investigation Fax:
Jail Fax: 715-273-1137

Staff Contacts

Nancy Hove

Chief Deputy
Steve Albarado

Herman Kreig
Wade Strain

Ali Verges

Juvenile Officer/ Investigator
Tom Bauer

Marty Shepler
Collin Gilles
Pete Koch
Cale Huppert

Patrol Sergeant
Spencer Fobbe
Chad Koranda
Andy Thoms

Jailer Sergeant
Ricci Laschinger
Jolayne Wener
Sandy Larson

Recreation Safety Patrol
Jeremy Brookshaw

DARE Officer
Chad Koranda




Law Enforcement


Recreation Safety Patrol

All Terrain Vehicle Patrol

Pierce County does not have any public all terrain vehicle trails, however, the ever increasing number of ATV’s purchased by landowners, farmers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts has prompted the Sheriff’s Department to get involved with ATV education and  ATV law enforcement. Although not actively patrolling trails the Department does own an all terrain vehicle that is used to patrol areas with ATV complaints and is used to respond to emergencies in remote locations where access by a conventional motor vehicle is limited. The ATV is also used during all terrain vehicle safety courses, and for patrolling special events such as the county fair etc. For more information on all terrain vehicle laws and locations of public trails in the State of Wisconsin visit Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources.